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OBOB History and Statistics

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TITLE ARCHIVE FILE: Title archive OBOB.xls 

In 2006, the OBOB Committee met for the first time and began to create a handbook, title selection procedure, and agree on the operations of a battle.  By April 2007, the OBOB book lists were released for 2007-2008 3rd-5th and 6th-8th grade level divisions.

Grants were open for any school wishing to participate in OBOB with the help of an LSTA (Library Services and Technologies Act) Grant.



Schools Participated: 168

Grade Levels Participated:

3rd-5th: 93 schools

6th-9th : 89 schools

*Please note, some schools participated in both divisions.

During 2007-08 Oregon Battle of the Book had 168 schools across the state registered for the OBOB program.  Of this number 135 schools participated in regional competitions. Fifty schools (of the 168) were provided with free OBOB books paid for by the LSTA grant.   

2007-2008 Additional Collected Data: 

Actual # of people served:
# of programs /meetings /events to date
# of programs /meetings /events attendees
Other ouput measure(s) to date: Volunteers working at the Regional and State Oregon Battle of the Books Competitions
Grant Recipients: 50  Additional Volunteer Support: 125




Schools Participated: 235

Grade Levels Participated:

3rd-5th: 140 schools

6th-9th : 125 schools

*Please note, some schools participated in both divisions.

To this point, the OBOB Committee met, communicated with former participants, grant recipients, and future participants about registration for schools, titles of books selected, and resources for implementing the OBOB program at individual schools.  The 100 grant  recipients were selected, books identified, ordered, and distributed to recipient schools.  There were 235 schools  that participated in OBOB for 2008-2009.


2008-2009 Additional Collected Data: 

Actual # of people served to date
# of programs /meetings /events to date
# of programs /meetings /events attendees
Other ouput measure(s) to date:
Grant Recipients: 100






Schools Participating:  334

Grade Levels Participating:

3rd-5th: 205 schools

6th-8th : 140 schools

9th-12th: 44 schools


The 2009-2010 OBOB school year added in a new grade level division- 9th-12th grade, distributed book grants to 100 participating schools and additionally has 334 schools registered to participate in OBOB.  The OBOB Committee met, adjusted the handbook and rules and procedures, are preparing for Regional and State Competitions, and are beginning selection for books for the 2010-2011 school year.



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