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Numbers of participants for the 2011-2012 OBOB include:
• 18 elementary school state finalists, drawn from a field of 236 elementary schools across the state;
• 15 middle school state finalists, drawn from a field of 159 participating middle schools across the state; and
• 12 high school state finalists, drawn from a field of 48 participating high schools across the state.
The state championship featured the top teams from eight regions across Oregon with 443 participating schools and an estimated 35,440 readers overseen by approximately 250 school librarians and paraprofessionals.


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Opportunity to see the OBOB 08-09 State Tournament:


Oregon Battle of the Books April 4, 2009 State Tournament

at Chemeketa Community College’s Auditorium:

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2007-2008 Resources

Thank you to Jesuit High School, Linus Pauling Middle School, Roseburg High School, West Orient Middle School, Chemeketa Community College!

Here are two documents showing the OBOB State Results/Scores: prelim3.5state.xls prelim6.9state.xls Stateresults3-5 Div.doc Stateresults6.9Div.doc

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